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Dear Parents,

May I seize this opportunity to welcome you to SEPHY'S SCHOOL? Here, we wish to be part of your children's life in helping them grow and develop normally into responsible, intelligent, industrious, independent and brilliant individuals we all wish our kids to be.

We realize that children copy from the environment so we take joy in using this their sensitive period to develop their personalities, talents and abilities. We lay emphasis on development of practical, communication, personal and life •skills, through our and exciting programmes.

It is a great priviledge to me personally and to the entire members of staff that you are taking this decision of entrusting your pride to our care, I am a mother, as well as a teacher for two to three decades. You can be rest assured that you have taken the right decision. We take pride in Developing the Jewel of Life.

Odueke Folasade (Mrs.)

Let your children join our community Now

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