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We guarantee a place for your child/ward when a registration fee of N5,000.00 had been paid. This is not refundable under any circumstances. In case you wish to withdraw your child/ward, a term's notice must be given by the parent/guardian.

School Fees

The maintenance of the school depends on the fees charged. Fees are charged annually, (three terms) which is payable in advance if you so wish. Aat the beginning of each term we expect fees to be paid fully on or before the first day of each term.

Cheques for school fees should be crossed and made payable to SEPHY'S SCHOOL.

Should a child be withdrawn during a term, the full fees for the whole of that term remain payable. For siblings attending the school together fees are reduced by 5% for the third child and 10% for the fourth child.

If fees are not received in FULL within 14 days of school resumption, the child's place shall automatically be lost unless special arrangements have been agreed upon.

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