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Progress Report

Parents/Guardians suggestions, observations, complaints and advice are welcome.

For these we have a communication book that each pupil carries with him/her. We realize that we all share one goal which is the success of our Jewel of life.

Tests and examinations are not for competitive reasons only but for the following motives amongst others,

  • Assessing pupils' abilities
  • Monitoring pupils' learning progress
  • Diagnosing pupils' leaning difficulties
  • Indicating to pupils how they are progressing
  • Supplying information to parents/guardians on child/ward progress
  • Serve as incentive to learners
  • Selection for purpose like quiz, debate, sport etc.
  • Obtaining information on the quality of teachers' instruction and ability to teach
  • Making decision on curriculum
  • Unlocking and developing the potentials of each child.

Therefore we seek parent/guatdians co-operation with the school for effective learning written reports are given at the end of both half term and term.

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